Toddler Community (18 months to 36 months)

The Absorbent Mind, this is what Dr. Montessori called the children under six years of age. The first three years of life is the time of exploration. It is time to see, touch, and hear, as well as to establish trust and develop language. Children explore their independence and connection to the world by using their extraordinary capacity for learning.

In a Montessori classroom for Toddler Community, it is set up much like a home, with distinct areas for preparing food, eating, changing clothes, toileting, group activities and individual work. In Montessori classrooms, even the youngest children are encouraged to be their unique and independent selves. The objects in Montessori classrooms are child-sized, this is to minimize the obstacles faced by the toddlers and invite them to do things on their own.

Available in 2nd half of 2017

Casa (2½ to 6 years old)

The Montessori classroom is a “living room” for children.  All of the furniture is child-sized and all of the materials are scaled to fit the physical dimensions of a pre-schooler’s body.

A three-year-old, for example, may be washing clothes by hand while a four-year-old nearby is composing words and phrases with letters known as the Moveable Alphabet. Meanwhile, a five-year-old may be performing multiplication using a specially designed set of beads. Although much of the work at this stage of development is done individually, often children enjoy working on an activity with friends. Sometimes the entire class is involved in a group activity, such as storytelling, singing or body movement.

After Care

Our school extends the day from 4.00pm to 6.30pm for after care. When weather permits, the children spend the majority of the time running and playing outdoors.

After care service is not be available during school holidays.

Available in year 2017

Enrichment Programs

Our school offers a variety of enrichment programs like art & craft lessons, swimming lessons, Kid Yoga, ballet, Taekwondo and piano lessons that keep children engaged in fun and creative activities beyond school hours.